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How's Your 2016 Digital Marketing Going So Far?

The start of 2016 comes with numerous expectations in the digital marketing sphere, giving marketers a sneak peek into what it will take to stay competitive. Based on the trends of the last several years and expert predictions for the future, web-based marketing will continue its sky-high trajectory and those who aren't up to the challenge are at risk of falling behind. If you haven't taken the time to adjust your marketing strategies, the clock is ticking. Here's what to expect over the next 11 months.

Predictions for the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

IBM says businesses should expect a record-breaking holiday shopping forecast this season. They predict Mobile Holiday Shopping will take center stage, as more people will be shopping from their Smartphones and Tablets than ever before.

Why Do Consumers Abandon Shopping Carts?

You have great products to offer your customers, but as soon as they enter the checkout phase, they suddenly abandon their shopping cart. This can be frustrating for anyone, especially when you know you have quality products to offer.

5 Things Top Ecommerce Websites Have & What Your Website Must Have to Survive

Finding out what the top ecommerce websites have in common is easy. All you have to do is view websites, such as Amazon, BestBuy, Target, etc. They all make the buying process a breeze. In this post, we’re going to share five important items all top ecommerce websites have and what your website should contain.

5 Essential Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Site Search

In most cases, your website is one of the first interactions you will have with your potential customers. For this reason, your website needs to be well-designed and easy to search. Many companies have a well-designed website, but they neglect the ‘search’ portion of a website.