5 Things Top Ecommerce Websites Have & What Your Website Must Have to Survive

5 Things Top Ecommerce Websites Have and What Your Website Must Have to Survive

Finding out what the top ecommerce websites have in common is easy. All you have to do is view websites, such as Amazon, BestBuy, Target, etc. They all make the buying process a breeze. In this post, we’re going to share five important items all top ecommerce websites have and what your website should contain. 



Have you ever been excited about making a purchase, but had to search around to find out where to actually checkout the product? Make sure your ecommerce website includes an Express Checkout section. This will prompt the customer to instantly purchase the product. The less steps the customer has to do the better. 


Product Thumbnails

Scenario: A customer purchases your new product. During the checkout process, he's unsure if he has selected the right item. So, he clicks the back button to start the whole process over. You can avoid this from happening by including a thumbnail photo of your product on the checkout page. This will let the customer know that he is purchasing the correct product. Remember, if you want to gain the sale from the customer, you must make the buying process as simple as possible. 


Include Toll-Free Customer Support


Not every customer is willing to use their credit card information online. Offer them a toll-free number to call if they want to make the purchase over the phone. Having a customer support system like this reassures the customer that he/she is buying from a real company that truly cares about their customers’ needs.


Include Security Logos

Make sure you include security logos on your ecommerce website, such as GeoTrust. Having security logos viewable on a webpage will ensure the customer that his/her purchases are safe from potential online security threats. 


Offer a Variety of Payment Options

Add a little diversity when it comes to your payment options. Make sure you offer more than one payment option, such as credit card payments, PayPal, etc. 


These are just a handful of items every ecommerce website should possess. 

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