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Do’s and Don'ts of Mobile Optimization

Your company can have an award-winning product or service to offer your clientele, but if your mobile users aren't able to view your website from their mobile device, without a glitch, you could lose their interest. Statistics have shown that more consumers are using their mobile devices to access the Web than ever before. So, what does this mean for business?  It means your website not only has to be mobile-friendly, it must be optimized for mobile in order to reach your target audience and drive them to your website. Otherwise, your website will get lost in the shuffle of hundreds (or thousands) of competing websites. 

Got a Low Email Click-Through Rate? Give it a Boost with These Effective Tips

Got a Low Email Click-Through Rate? Give it a Boost with These Effective Tips

It feels sort of like a pit, in the stomach, the moment you discover that your email click-through rate is lower than you expected. Why aren't more people enthused about your promotional offers and email newsletter? There could be one of many reasons. Here are five ways to kick your online marketing campaign into gear, and improve your online sales.

6 Best Practices of Responsive Web Design

The overall purpose of responsive website design is to make it easy for consumers to view your website, regardless of what device they use. 80 Percent of all Internet users consists of Smartphone users, according to a recent survey taken from All mobile users have one thing in common, they want to view a website’s product or service as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to fulfill the needs of mobile users, there are a few important things to consider. The following are responsive web design tips to remember:

Protect Your Website from a Google Penalty with These Must-Know Tips

It’s inevitable, no one is 100% penalty proof when Google releases an algorithm update. However, there are a few ways you can lessen the chances of getting penalized. In this post, we’re going to share a few helpful tips on how to protect your website from getting penalized.

How to Tell Your Website Has Been Hit with a Google Penalty

There are three levels of symptoms a website endures after getting penalized. The first level, a website loses its Page Ranking. A 

Responsive Website or Mobile App?

One big misconception that many people believe is that your business must be in a certain industry in order to invest in a responsive design or mobile app development. Regardless of what industry your business falls into (retail, industrial, real estate, manufacturing, ecommerce, etc.)

Predictions for the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

IBM says businesses should expect a record-breaking holiday shopping forecast this season. They predict Mobile Holiday Shopping will take center stage, as more people will be shopping from their Smartphones and Tablets than ever before.

Why Do Consumers Abandon Shopping Carts?

You have great products to offer your customers, but as soon as they enter the checkout phase, they suddenly abandon their shopping cart. This can be frustrating for anyone, especially when you know you have quality products to offer.

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