5 'MORE' Things Top Ecommerce Websites Have & What Your Website Must Have to Survive

5 MoreThings Top Ecommerce Websites Have and What Your Website Must Have to Survive

Alright, we admit, we couldn't resist creating another blog post with five extra must-haves for an ecommerce website. The following are five additional things to help increase the value of your website. 


Offer Help

When customers decide to abandon their shopping carts in the middle of a purchase, offer to help them. For example, you can include a follow-up email that mentions you noticed they decided not to make a purchase. Then offer them the option to contact you if they need further assistance. Often times, a shopper will abandon a shopping cart because they had a question or they just didn’t have time to complete the order (you never know). Sometimes follow-up emails can turn into future sales. 


Up-Sell Products

One way to help increase a customer's order is to upsell other products. For example, let's say you are a sportswear manufacturer. The customer decides to purchase a few workout tee-shirts. You can upsell running shoes, pants or sports gear. Up-selling is a great way to increase profits. 


Return Policy

If you have a return policy, make sure that it is noticeable on your website. Also, if any of your products are 'as is' with 'no returns' items, make sure you indicate this by the product description. 


Indicate Stock Availability

There is nothing more frustrating than making an online purchase only to discover that all items have been sold. Make sure that you let the customer know in advance your stock availability. It is also good to inform them your stock availability because it gives them a strong sense of urgency. 


Offer a Step-by-Step Checkout Process

When you offer customers an itemized, step-by-step process, it makes it easier for them to go through the checkout process (i.e. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Order Complete!).


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