Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

Whether you own a couture jewelry store, clothing store, organic pet food store or a vintage auto parts store, every ecommerce business should have social media as part of their marketing plan. Here are a few social media marketing tips to remember when promoting your ecommerce website.

Complete Your Social Media Profile

We have come across many social media sites that have incomplete social media profiles. Having a complete profile is crucial for building a brand reputation. It also shows that you take your ecommerce business seriously. Your Facebook, Google+ and other sites should all include a brief description of your business, including a professional bio.

Use Social Media Analytics:

How are you supposed to know where you are going without a roadmap to success? Using analytics can help you create a roadmap by measuring your campaign's success and failures. Here are a few examples of good analytics tools to use to measure your social media effectiveness: Social Bakers, Beevolve, Crowdbooster, Sprout Social, Keyhole, Tailwind, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and etc.

Use Captivating Images

The saying is true: A picture is worth 1000 words. Utilize a variety of images that are related to your post. The good thing about social media is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just photos - you can mix it up a bit by utilizing infographics and video.

Don't Use Your Social Media as a Sales Site

One mistake that many ecommerce website owners make is using social media to sell their products. Social media is not meant to be a sales platform. It’s a place where people come to learn more about your brand. Take a look at a few big brands out there. You'll notice that the most successful brands don't use social media as a sales platform. For example, Tiffany & Co. writes posts that celebrates their brand. They get customers excited by promoting the benefits of their products and not the price of a product - that's what a website is for. 

Entice People to Share Your Products

Make sure when people visit your website they are able to share your products. Simply place social media sharing buttons (Facebook, Google+, WANELO, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) on your individual product pages. This will encourage people to share with their friends and co-workers.

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