How to Optimize Local Business Search and Social Marketing

How to Optimize Local Business Search and Social Marketing

Is your website optimized for local business search and social marketing? If not, the following is a list of ways to accomplish this important goal, and improve traffic to your website. 

Verified Google+ Page

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you operate a business at an official location, having a Verified Google+ Page is good for business. One of the main advantages of having a Verified Google+ Page is that it helps your business appear within the Google Search and Maps. It is a reputation booster. Having a verified page allows you to read and respond to reviews posted from customers.  In addition, you can also track data and see how many visitors arrive on your website.  


Local Listing Sites

Having your business displayed on the most popular local listing sites is great for SEO and can help generate traffic to your website. Examples of local listing sites include: Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Google Places for Business, LinkedIn, Manta,, and etc.


Include Your Location Information on Your Website

Make sure you include your company’s location information on your website. You’ll also want to install a map so that people can find directions to your place of business. 


Include Location in Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for Relevant Page

Don’t forget to include location In Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for relevant pages. Include at least 1 keyword in the title and description. Make sure you make your title and descriptions human friendly to entice people to click.


Use Markup on Your Website

Make sure you use markup on your website. is basically a relationship between Yahoo, Microsoft and Google to help enhance the Internet by creating data markup schema supported by the top search engines. Website markup (or on-page) markup helps the top search engines decipher the information on your website in order to provide web surfers with better results.


On-Site Optimization for Local Search

Make sure you utilize on-site optimization for Local Search. A professional SEO company like Maxmize can help you accomplish this goal. 


Local Search Directories

Enlist your business in the local search directories to help drive local traffic to your website. 


Google Places

Make sure you enlist your business in Google Places. If you have a physical place of business, you will definitely want to enlist your business in Google Places. Once you set one up for your business, when people search for you, they will come across your Google Places profile.


If you need help optimizing your business for search and social marketing, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation at: 866.213.2352.


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