Got a Low Email Click-Through Rate? Give it a Boost with These Effective Tips

It feels sort of like a pit, in the stomach, the moment you discover that your email click-through rate is lower than you expected. Why aren't more people enthused about your promotional offers and email newsletter? There could be one of many reasons. Here are five ways to kick your online marketing campaign into gear, and improve your online sales.


Replace Text Links for Call-To-Actions Buttons


Call-To-Action buttons are much more noticeable than email text links, especially from a mobile device. Sometimes links can be easily missed when a person is scrolling down an email.


Create Call-To-Actions Like Engaging Headlines


Headlines that are engaging tend to have higher open rates. So, why not turn your headlines into call-to-actions. Call-to-action headlines builds the adrenaline up and persuades a person to click. Remember, the average person receives over twenty emails daily.  So, your emails must stand out; otherwise, they will end up in the electronic slush pile.


Make Your Offer Time Sensitive


When you make your offer time sensitive, the reader knows he/she has a limited amount of time before it expires. In addition, try making your headlines time sensitive - this will make your offer seem urgent.  Here’s a good example of a time sensitive headline: "3-Days Left to Save On Our Home Improvement Special" or "24 Hours Left to Redeem This Coupon..."


Offer Something Valuable - Something They Can’t Refuse


You're more than likely already doing this - it's one of the commandments of email marketing.  The problem lies when you're unable to express it in words effectively.  If this is the case, you might want to hire a professional copywriter whose primary writing skill is online marketing copy.  He or she will create text that will entice a person to click onto an offer.  You might want to have the copywriter to review your landing page copy as well, to make sure there isn't a ‘disconnect’ in the wording.


Often times, a business will have high email click-through’s and low conversions - that’s usually because the email copy and landing page copy do not coincide. The moment people click onto a call-to-action, they should know exactly what to do next (e.g. call, buy, sign-up or subscribe.). An experienced copywriter (with a high success rate) will solve this kind of copywriting issue.


Don't Inundate People with Too Much Text


Keep your email offer and newsletter copy to a minimum. If you can’t say it in less than 200 words, then don’t say it at all. Seriously, many people do not have the time to read a long drawn out email.  If you have a lot to say, you might want to consider incorporating photos or videos in place of your additional text. Videos and photos have a higher click-through ratio than standard text.


Hopefully, we have given you a clearer understanding on how to help improve your click-through rates.  What kind of success have you experienced with your click-through rates? Please share, we would love to hear.


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