6 Best Practices of Responsive Web Design

The overall purpose of responsive website design is to make it easy for consumers to view your website, regardless of what device they use. 80 Percent of all Internet users consists of Smartphone users, according to a recent survey taken from Smartinsights.com. All mobile users have one thing in common, they want to view a website's product or service as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to fulfill the needs of mobile users, there are a few important things to consider. The following are responsive web design tips to remember:




Small thumbnails work best with touchscreen devices. If you have a lot or product images to share, develop a slideshow of product thumbnails that are scrollable.  

Highlight Reviews


Make sure your rating and reviews are noticeable to viewers.  A user is more likely to gain confidence in deciding to invest in a product or service if there are reviews. 


Text should be large enough for people to read from a smaller screen.  A user shouldn't have to squint when reading your text. Pinching and zooming should be kept to a minimum. A 12 pt. text size is a happy medium. Try using Slabtext, it's a great tool to generate responsive typography.

Optimized Web Images

Whether a user is viewing an image from an iPhone or a Tablet, your images should adapt to a variety of devices. Optimizilla is a great free tool to optimize images quickly. 

Clear Pricing

Pricing should be easy to find on a website. People shouldn't have to scroll and search for prices. Websites without clear pricing will have a higher bounce rate.

Contrast of Color


Make sure you choose the right colors when creating a responsive web design. To create a professional and clean design, make sure you incorporate plenty of white space. Otherwise, your layout will appear amateurish and unprofessional.  


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