Top E-commerce Tips to Boost Holiday Sales


Although the countdown to Christmas has already begun, it doesn’t mean that the holiday shopping season ends on December 25th. If you own an e-commerce business or an e-store, the holiday season goes well into January. Here are a few tips to help boost your holiday sales – you can start as early as this weekend.

E-Commerce Sales Tips:

Keep holiday marketing efforts going until January.

Most marketing experts suggest to market a business until December 31st. At Maxmize, we suggest celebrating the holidays well into the New Year. Why limit yourself? The top retail chains like Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon take full advantage of the ‘extended’ holiday season. This is a brilliant way to increase sales and revenue.

Regain sales from abandoned shopping carts.

Many customers use their shopping carts to store items they intend to purchase at a later date. So, they will purchase something else or simply return to the site in the future to purchase those items. Then you have people who simply change their mind.

You can use this opportunity to contact these customers with a friendly reminder about the items they haven’t purchased.

Tip: There could be a host of reasons why people abandon shopping carts. Thoroughly analyze your website and make sure there aren’t any technical reasons why changed their mind. If you find a problem, fix it and then send a friendly reminder to them about their items via email. You could even offer a discount on the items to bring them back.

Launch a new product in January.

Introducing a new product will intrigue customers and lure them back to your online store. Often times, many January shoppers expect to only find clearance items leftover from Christmas past. When you have a new product on the shelf (so to speak) for sale, they will more than likely take advantage of the offer.

Give them a coupon for a January purchase with items sold now?

What better way to get people back into your online store in January than to provide them with a ticket now. When your customers purchase an item in December (even after the 25th), include a coupon for January. You can go a step further and offer a gift card that people can redeem at a brick and mortar store. You can create a QR code with the discount details that can be swiped, from their mobile device, when they shop at your physical location. The key is to make it as simple as possible for holiday shoppers.

Need help with fine tuning your website for the remaining holiday season? It’s not too late. Contact us or call: 866.213.2352 for a quote and free consultation.

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