The Top 7 SEO Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Lately, at Maximize, we have been noticing a few myths floating around the Internet about SEO. In this article, we are going to dispel a few common myths about this often misunderstood marketing solution. 

Myth #1: Any backlink is good, just as long it’s linked from a high-ranking website.

Truth: Aim to gain backlinks from ‘relevant’ high-ranking websites.

It is true that a website should have backlinks from high-ranking websites, but these should be sites that are related to your niche.  It is better to have only 100 quality backlinks from relevant websites than 500 links from irrelevant websites. This rule is important to adhere to because a website can run the risk of getting penalized from Google for having irrelevant backlinks. 


Myth #2: SEO campaigns are strictly for small businesses and not large companies.

Truth: Maybe 15 years ago. Today, if you want to get found by your target audience on the Internet, SEO is not optional. 

Large companies, such as The Economist and Starbucks have admitted to using various techniques (Google+) to help with their SEO strategy. There is no excuse for a company not to have an SEO campaign in place. 


Myth #3: Small businesses don’t need SEO.

Truth: Again, if you want to get found, SEO is the solution.

On the flip side, some small business owners believe SEO is for large companies. If you own a small business, you will need SEO all the more.  It offers long-term results compared to traditional forms of marketing. If your potential customers search online for keywords related to the product or service you offer and you’re nowhere to be found in the search results, they will go with your competitor.


Myth #4: SEO is not affordable.

Truth: You can't afford not to invest in SEO.

If you hire the right SEO consultant, search engine optimization can offer a good return on investment. 


Myth #5: Focus on keyword Meta Tags.

Truth: That’s so 2005. 

At one time Google used to take keyword Meta tags into consideration when ranking websites. Today, that has all changed. It's all about creating SEO friendly Titles and Meta descriptions that are 'human-friendly'. After all, it is your potential customer who will be clicking onto your website. 


Myth #6: SEO is a one-time solutions.

Truth: SEO is not a one-time solution. You must be consistent if you want to reap results. When search engine optimization is done correctly, it can offer good results over time. It’s not a marketing solution that works overnight. 


Myth #7: The best SEO companies guarantee your website will rank first in the Google search results.

Truth: Avoid any company that ‘guarantees’ your website will appear first on the results page.

A professional SEO company will never guarantee top positioning because Google is constantly changing. Your website may appear first - on the first page of Google - this week and on the second page in two weeks. The key is to find a good company that will work with you and help your website to rank well and attract quality traffic to your website.


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