SEO and Conversion Optimization Tips

SEO and Conversion Optimization Tips

It's wonderful to have a lot of quality traffic driven to your website. That's the ultimate goal of every business owner. However, the real challenge is converting traffic into sales or subscribers. SEO and Conversion Optimization has to do with the action your potential customer takes that will add value to your business. Whether it is the design and layout of your website or your content, each one plays an important role in the growth of your website. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your conversion rating:


Avoid clutter

Make sure your products are well organized by category and subcategory. This will enhance your site's optimization and it will also enhance your visitor's usability.


Minimize reading

The key is to get visitors to read your most important copy first, especially if they're browsing from a mobile device. If your most important copy is buried within several paragraphs of your text, they probably will not hang around to read it.


Avoid duplicate web content

It's tempting to copy and paste product descriptions to save time, especially if you have many products. However, duplicate content should be avoided at all costs because it could get you penalized from Google. Make sure your product descriptions are unique and easy to read for your shoppers.

Also, make sure you avoid using the manufacturer's product descriptions. This is bad for SEO. Every product description should be rewritten so that it is unique. It should also contain the keywords (without stuffing) that your visitors are searching for within the search engines.


Optimize all product images

It is amazing how many ecommerce owners out there that neglect optimizing their images. Make sure that all of your product images have related keywords within your ALT tags.


Use unique Meta descriptions on every Webpage

The purpose of creating unique Meta descriptions is not just for the sole purpose of SEO. You will want to create descriptions that are human-friendly. After all, they are the ones who will click onto the page and make the buying decision.


These are just a handful of tips on how to improve your website and increase conversions. If you have questions on how to improve your SEO strategy or website usability, feel free to contact us today at: 866.213.2352

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