Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Generating More Profits & How to Fix It

Reasons Why Your Website Isnt Generating More Profits & How to Fix It

You have invested thousands of dollars on building an innovative website and even more on marketing your business. But, lately your website hasn’t generated the amount of profits that you have been expecting. So, why is your website not achieving results? Here are five possible reasons why:


1. Your website does not have a clear conversion funnel

From the moment visitors land on your webpage, they should be able take the needed action you desire them to take. In other words, your content should lead them to a specific call-to-action (newsletter sign up, purchase, phone call, e-book download, etc.). Often times, website owners confuse their visitors because this important aspect of a website does not exist. No one is going to feel compelled to take action if they aren't clear on what to do next.


2. You don’t have a clear marketing strategy.

If your marketing strategy is not clear and you do not have an idea of who you are marketing to, this could be the reason why your website isn’t profitable. Make sure you are properly implementing your website for online and offline SEO optimization. In addition, you should be monitoring your website’s statistics regularly. Consider using a webmaster tool to help you monitor your customers’ preferences and their behavior. You will gain valuable feedback that can be used to fine-tune your overall marketing strategy.


3. Your website has very little traffic. 

You can have a well-designed website, but if you can't be found within the search engines, you are defeating the purpose of having a website.  It is important that your website is attracting highly targeted traffic to your website. 


In order to gain traffic to your website, you’ll need to attract people who are in need of your product/service.  Make sure your content marketing is engaging and not a sales pitch. This is a major turn off for consumers. People are only interested in one thing – what’s in it for ‘them’.  


4. You never delegate – you try to do it all. 

Marketing and maintaining a website is like a full-time job.  No one can do everything on his or her own. Sooner or later some aspect of your business will be neglected. When it comes to web design, SEO and Internet marketing, it helps to have access to a professional.  Delegating these duties will allow you to focus your attention on other important aspects of your business. 


Many business owners feel they can save their company money by doing everything themselves. In reality, they’re actually stunting the growth of their business. When you delegate tasks to a professional, you’re more likely to receive quality work and better results.


5. Your marketing team doesn't know how to market your product. 

A good marketing team should be able to implement the latest marketing techniques without question. If your marketing team is unable to accomplish your goals, this will eventually hurt your business and affect its profitability. In this case, it may be time to hire a new marketing team. 


Last, but not least, the tips within this article are just a handful of proven ideas on how to generate more profits from your website. To find out how Maxmize Studio can help improve your website’s marketability, feel free to contact us at: (866) 213-2352.


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