How Hiring the Wrong SEO Company Can Ruin Your Business

How Hiring the Wrong SEO Company Can Ruin Your Business

If people were able to predict the future results of their own SEO campaign, they would more than likely avoid choosing the wrong SEO company. Hiring the wrong company can affect your bottom-line and it could possibly ruin your business. The impact may not be felt right away, but eventually your website could experience a significant drop in traffic or worse - it could be banned from Google. The good news is that you can avoid this nightmare from the begging. The following are suggestions on how to avoid hiring the wrong SEO company.


Avoid SEO companies that make unrealistic guarantees. 

Cheap SEO companies have one thing in common, they all make unrealistic promises that they can’t fulfill.  For example, one typical guarantee many black hat companies make is the promise of getting your webpage on the first page of Google within a short time-frame. A professional SEO company will never make this sort of bold promise because it is unethical. The only guarantee they should make is to make an extra effort in getting the results you need in order to achieve your bottom-line.


Avoid common SEO scams that promise to submit to hundreds of search engines.  

A professional SEO firm will focus on submitting your site to the most popular search engines that people are more likely to use which is usually 2-3.  Any company that claims they can submit to hundreds of search engines clearly doesn’t engage in white hat SEO practices. Submitting a website to a massive amount of search engines will only hurt your business in the long run.


Avoid companies that conduct spammy SEO tactics.

These so-called SEOs use low quality and spammy SEO tactics, such as developing a bunch of spammy links from poor quality websites. Before you hire anyone to work on your site, ask him/her about their link building techniques. One way to catch them off guard is to ask the following question: “What is the fastest way to get links?”  If they give you a long drawn out explanation a red flag should go up in your mind. Any legitimate SEO company will tell you that it takes time to build a thriving link profile, there's no quick formula that will instantly get you links overnight. 

When choosing an SEO company, always remember that the results from quality SEO takes time and patience. It may take weeks and even months before you begin to reap the benefits of a successful SEO campaign. 


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