Best Practices for Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices


More and more people are purchasing mobile devices than ever before. Experts predict that mobile sales in the U.S. are going to reach $31 billion by 2015, according to Mashable. If your website isn’t well optimized for mobile, you could lose potential leads and sales. Here are a few tips to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Make your design clean and simple.

Make sure you use simple page designs that are athletically pleasing. Use nice large font sizes so mobile users don’t have to constantly pinch and zoom. When creating call-to-action buttons, make sure they are large enough for people with large fingers to press (not everyone has petite fingers). Make sure your site delivers key information, such as your contact information and other important details.

Screen size matters.

The screen size is important when it comes to the content and layout of your mobile pages. Consider a single column layout that scrolls up and down instead of left to right. An experienced mobile web developer can determine whether you should have multiple layouts or a one-size-fits all for users.

Make sure it looks good on ALL devices.

Choose a CMS responsive design rather than a mobile optimized website. With a responsive design, you have 1 website domain. Your visitors may decide to view your website from his/her Android, iPad, Nook, etc. It's important that people are able to view your website regardless of which device they use. Even if your site statistics show the majority of your users visit from a mobile phone, it's important to cater to all types of handheld devices.

Keep loading times to a minimum.

To avoid losing visitors because of slow load times, make sure your landing pages gives people the option to click through content that has very high bandwidth, such as videos. Also, keep graphics to a minimum. Too many graphics will affect load times.

Don't forget to test your website.

Before you launch your mobile site to the public, make sure you test it out first. Remember, first impressions count. You can start off with asking your staff members to check your website from their mobile devices (Smartphone and tablet). There are also a few good testing tools, such as Opera Mini and YSlow.

Stay up-to-date.

The mobile landscape is constantly changing. It’s important stay on top of the latest mobile development tips for business owners. Your business depends on it!

If you need help with optimizing your website for mobile devices, call for a consultation at: 866.213.2352 or contact us online.

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