5 Questions to Ask When Measuring Your Online Marketing ROI


Measuring your online marketing return on investment is crucial. Last month’s SEO campaign may deliver results next month, the next six months or even longer – it’s so unpredictable. It’s imperative for business owners to know exactly where to invest their marketing dollars. Here are five important questions to ask yourself when measuring your online ROI.

1. How do I track whether or not my web content generates leads and revenue?

It’s important your web content has a clear call-to-action that drives potential customers to a landing page. Upon arrival, there should be a web form for your prospects to fill out or a way for them to make a purchase—depending on your type of business.

Your website should track your leads through the sales process so you can determine if it converts into revenue. Companies like Hubspot offers marketing automation tools to help marketers measure their online ROI.

2. What web analytics tool should I use?

Google Analytics is still an effective tool to use, especially if you own an e-commerce website. There are many other analytic tools, such as Facebook insights, iPerceptions, Clicktale and Kiss Metrics. Many of these tools offer free and premium plans that you can purchase for a nominal monthly fee. Whether you use Google Analytics or another tool, having access to the data that’s generated is vital if you want your business to grow online.

3. Should I offer a survey question during checkout?

One great way to track your ROI is to offer a survey question during the checkout process. For example, you can ask: “How did you hear about us?” Survey questions aren’t limited to the Web. You can also use survey questions via phone. Just make sure you make your surveys optional. People don’t like to feel like they have to answer questions.

4. Do I need to build a separate Sales Page for Social Media?

One way to measure your social media marketing is to build a custom sales page. When your customers make a purchase (or opts-in) through your sales page, you will know that it came directly from social media.

5. What are the most effective all-in-one solutions for measuring my growth on multiple social media platforms?

There are many all-in-one solutions to choose from. The most effective solutions for keeping track of marketing growth are SproutSocial and Inside Social.

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, both solutions will enable you to stay on top of your social media ROI.

Bonus: What is the most important metrics to look out for in social media?

One of the most important metrics to look out for are the number of followers you acquire. Web analytics will help you determine the percentage of people who actually purchase your products once they become a follower. This is a great way to predict future sales.

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