3 Ways to Improve Your Responsive Website Design

Whether a visitor is viewing a website from a Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone device, people expect the same level of experience.  In other words, if it is a breeze browsing a website from a PC, the experience should be the same on a mobile phone or tablet.

If people are having a difficult time viewing your site from a mobile phone, they won’t think to visit from another device to see if it works better, they will simply leave your website and possibly never return. In this post, we’re going to share three effective ways of improving your Responsive Website Design so people will enjoy visiting your website from all computing devices.

Get rid of the least important content.

When you think 'responsive' think 'simplicity'. Only provide the content that's useful to your viewers. In other words, get rid of all the extras. Focus on the content elements that are most important to your viewers. 

Make sure you optimize your images.

This is one area that many people tend to neglect.  If your images aren't optimized for mobile devices, it will take your website a lot longer to load from a mobile device. So, make sure all images are properly optimized.

Choose a high performing hosting package.

Your web hosting can make or break your website. You can have the best website design in your niche, but if the quality of the hosting company's servers are subpar, it will greatly affect how your website performs.

Make sure you choose the right hosting company, and the right hosting package. There is an assortment of hosting packages out there to choose from - research before choosing one. For example, there are affordable shared hosting plans and dedicated services that are fully managed that can be costly. The key is to choose the right hosting solution for your website. Never skimp on hosting.

Last, but not least, experts say that if there is a delay when entering a site for more than a second, it can interrupt the user's train of thought. It’s important that your visitors can browse your website with ease, regardless of what device they’re viewing it from.


Need help with making your website more mobile-friendly? Feel free to call us at: 866.213.2352 for a quote and consultation. 

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